National Institute For Cancer Control

About us

National Institute for Cancer Control belongs to K hospital, was established under Decision No. 2789 / QD-BYT dated 27/7/2007 of the Minister of Health. The year 2017 is amended and supplemented in Decision No. 2406 / QD-BYT dated June 9, 2017 of the Minister of Health on promulgating the regulations on organization and operation of K hospital. The Institute is a non-business unit under K hospital, has legal status, seal, can open an account at the State Treasury in accordance with the law, has its head office in Hanoi City.

Official name by English: National Institute for Cancer Control

Address: 43 Quan Su, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

Telephone: 024 3533 8900

Fax: 024 3685 7934



National Institute For Cancer Control

Our vision is to build the National Institute For Cancer Control into a leading research center in Vietnam, shoulder to shoulder with cancer research centers in the region and the world in epidemiological research, finding new solutions in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care.

Our desire is to reduce the burden of cancer on individuals, families and society through researching new solutions in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment & care; increase training & international cooperation; be a reliable information channel on cancer prevention and provides scientific evidence for effective policy development and advocacy.

Core Values

We make a difference by reducing the burden of cancer through research, training, communication and advocacy.

We committed to relentless pursuit of professionalism and respect for ethical standards.

We listen, work effectively in groups, cooperate within the organization as well as with domestic and international partners.

We always encourage and receive innovative ideas and new solutions for cancer prevention and control.

Function & Mission

The functions of the Institute: Scientific research; participating in health activities direction; training; applying specialized scientific and technical services to medical examination and treatment, managing and implementing topics and projects.


  1. Scientific research: the institute has mission to study the theoretical and practical basis to advise the Ministry of Health and the Government in formulating national cancer prevention strategies and policies; epidemiological research, causes of cancer, preventive measures, treatment methods, application of measures to improve the quality of life for cancer patients, ...
  2. Training: organizing the training, retraining, and advanced training by field for the staff according to the specialized field; participating in coordination with the units in K Hospital to train masters, doctors and specialties when permitted by competent authorities; deploying specialized training services as required by law.
  3. Health activities direction: the next mission is participation in the professional and technical direction of the cancer prevention network nationwide; implementation of national and international programs and projects in specialized fields; responsibility for synthesizing, reporting and statistics according to regulations.
  4. International cooperation: The Institute actively establishes cooperative relationships, signs memorandum of understanding, agreements on investment in scientific research, staff training, equipment supply, ... Joint venture associating with foreign countries, organizations and individuals, including non-governmental organizations as prescribed by law. Sending staff to study and research abroad; invite foreign experts to study, exchange experiences and study at the unit according to regulations.
  5. Unit management: management and using effectively the resources of the unit in accordance with the law.
Training program