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With the development orientation of becoming a leading cancer research center in Vietnam, the National Institute For Cancer Control will stand shoulder to shoulder with cancer research centers in the region and the world in the field of cancer research, epidemiology, finding new solutions for cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care.

The National Institute For Cancer Control advises and recommends cancer prevention plans and strategies to the Ministry of Health and the Government to reduce the burden caused by cancer to individuals, families and society through researching new solutions in cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment & care; increase training & international cooperation; institute is a reliable information channel on cancer prevention and provides scientific evidence for effective policy development and advocacy.

Professor Tran Van Thuan / Director of Institute

2nd International Conference On Cancer Control - 8th Meeting of The Asian National Cancer Center Alliance

The 2nd International Conference on Cancer Control - ANCCA 2021 will be held from 28th to 30th October, 2021 in Hanoi with the presence of members from Asia National Cancer Center Alliance (ANCCA). The conference aims at targeting cancer prevention strategic direction, opportinuties sharing, standard setting to improve caring quality and promote approaching treatment ability for patient.



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National Institute For Cancer Control

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